Take Care’s AfterCare Program connects Test & Treat clients who have ongoing health and social needs to resources and referrals relating to Long COVID. Individuals with Long COVID typically experience a range of symptoms that develop during or following a case of COVID-19, and which continue for more than 28 days.

Welcome to AfterCare, a program for people with Long COVID or who are still having COVID-related symptoms. Please complete the survey below and we will connect you to health and social resources that will support you in your recovery and help you feel better sooner.
  • Complete the following survey based on your current needs
  • After you complete the survey, you will receive a list of health and social needs resources specific to you. They should help you with your COVID-related symptoms.
  • Survey Time = 3 minutes
Physical Health

COVID-19 impacts individuals physical health in many different ways. We can help connect you with follow-up care to address any lasting symptoms of COVID-19, help connect you with a primary care provider to monitor your health in the future, and provide some resources around pacing yourself in your recovery.

I am recovering from COVID-19 and looking for follow-up care for one of the following reasons: lung care and oxygen, heart care, x-rays, and physical distress.
I am looking to find a primary care provider to manage my condition post COVID-19 diagnosis.
I am looking for additional resources to help manage my Long COVID symptoms such as self-care management, pacing, education on rest and fatigue, etc.
Mental Health

Long COVID induces stress, and may limit patients’ ability to engage in work and family activities (i.e., bereavement, job loss, financial stress, food insecurity). If you are feeling isolated, alone, or need help lowering your stress and managing the situation, there are many places you can seek help and support, some of which are free or covered by insurance.

I am feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed and would like to speak with someone.
I am interested in receiving resources on grief and loss.
In the past two weeks, I have had little interest or pleasure in doing things.
In the past two weeks, I have often felt down, depressed, or hopeless.
Community Support

Having Long COVID or caring for someone with COVID-19 can be socially isolating, and it may be helpful to connect with others who are going through the same experience as you. There are community resources to help you feel connected and supported through infection, symptoms, and recovery.

I am interested in connecting with a support group of others experiencing Long COVID symptoms.
I am looking for small discussion groups to discuss my experiences with Long COVID.
I am a caretaker or immediate family of COVID-19 patient/patients and want to discuss with others dealing with similar situations.
Financial Support

We understand that Long COVID can have financial impacts as well. We can help you navigate social services to get support with health care costs, disability, paid sick or family leave, or food assistance, and COVID-19 related funeral expenses.

I am concerned with healthcare costs.
I am looking for additional resources regarding Paid Sick Leave.
I am looking for long-term disability support as a result of my COVID-19 diagnosis.
I am looking for Family Leave Support.
I am looking for resources regarding cash assistance, food assistance, or emergency rental assistance.
I am looking for financial assistance related to COVID-19 funeral expenses.
I am looking for housing resources and information on tenants’ rights.
I am looking for financial assistance related to internet connectivity.

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